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Cambodia Superstar Sonita joins hands with Chiaus brand baby diaper pants. New products debut at Phnom Penh Water Festival

Dec. 11, 2019 Hits: 652

In October 2019, Chiaus group has reached a strategic partnership with Global SSL Trading Co., Ltd., Cambodia. For the opening of the Cambodian market, with Global SSL Trading Co., Ltd's solid channel foundation and newly upgraded product positioning, Cambodia will be another important base in the strategic blueprint of Chiaus group!

It is close to Cambodia's most important traditional festival, the water festival. It marks the end of the rainy season and the arrival of the fishing season. During the festival, around the royal palace, the Mekong riverbank decorated with lights, Phnom Penh citizens have a three-day holiday, everyone happily enjoys the fruits of the year's work, to meet the next farming season. The boat race on the Mekong river in front of the palazzo square is the most lively celebration of the festival, with expert rowers from all over the country competing in the competition.

Chiaus made its debut at the diamond music square in Phnom Penh during the festive season. The cute Ugly Dolls image stood out. Chiaus's debut on the first day of the new product attracted a crowd of people to ask, and the product was well received by the majority of mothers.

In the meantime, the show was accompanied by Cambodian actress Mean Sonita, Sonita officially signed on as Chiaus brand spokesperson in November 2019.

Sonita is a Cambodian actress, model, and fashion designer. Sonita was born and raised in Cambodia, when she was 19 years old, she participated in the local beauty contest "Freshie Girl & Boy", won on the Miss Popular Award.

Her first movie is “បេះដូងអ្នកការពារ”, which caused her in local audience attention in the film industry. She then starred in a series of Loy9 and Love9 films for BBC Media Action Cambodia, becoming a household name actress in Cambodia.

Now, Mean Sonyta runs its own foundation, #Slanh, which has long supported orphanages and has been praised for its dedication to good causes.