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How To Make Your Baby Love Bath

Aug. 23, 2019 Hits: 730

Most babies love to take a bath, but if the baby has had an unpleasant bath experience, or the mother chooses the wrong bath time, or the baby feels uncomfortable, the baby will resist bathing.

Now, let's learn some tips to make your baby love bath.

Babies grow up in amniotic fluid when they are still in their mother's tummy, so babies naturally love to play with water, so most babies love to take a bath.

But as babies grow up, some babies become less fond of bathing. What is the reason for this? How to make baby love bath again?

Cultivate bathing fun

  When bathing your baby, you should interact with him or call his name. Don't bath him mechanically as if it were a task. The mother can sing to the baby, play with the baby, or use water to tease the baby during bathing.

Develop bathing habit

  Form the habit of bathing. Act to make your baby realize that bathing is a rule that cannot be changed casually. At the same time, the bathing time should also be fixed as much as possible. Take the baby to take a bath when it comes to the fixed time. In the long run, the baby can develop the habit of taking a bath.

Give your baby a sense of security

  If mommy and daddy feel in a hurry, the baby will unconsciously be affected and feel afraid. If new parents can't give the baby a bath at the beginning, they can do some preparations first, for example, consult the doctor or the elders, or practice in advance.
  In addition, some small changes also can effectively increase the baby's sense of security, for example, use a smaller bathtub, or start with a little bath water, put a bath mat on the bottom of the bathtub, these can make your baby feel more secure.

Create a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere

  In addition to the concern of the baby’s hygiene, bathing can also serve as a chance for parent-child interaction.
  Mommy can play some soothing music for the baby while taking a bath, touch the baby, play with the baby, sing with the baby, and put some small toys in the bathtub...to create a pleasant atmosphere during bathing and let the baby give up the resistance to bath.

Respect baby's sense of independence

   As ages grow, the baby's sense of independence is constantly strengthening. The baby more and more wants to follow their own way to do things and unwilling to stay in place to let the mommy bath. They began to want to bathe themselves, or want to grab something else.
  If such a situation occurs, it is futile to force the baby to take a bath. It may even make the baby feel very upset and hate the process of bathing. At this time, it may be necessary to respect the baby's needs. Mommy can try to guide the baby to bathe himself.